Галерея Candice


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нояб 2006г.



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Мой Альбом * My Artbook


dr.kelly in blue

dr.kelly as lady

candy near logspile

archie in leaves

terry in leaves

archie in front of case and coach

anchony gives candy necklace

terryromeo kisses candy

stear wrapes patty

candy karen flanny as young ladies

terry with umbrella on cobblestone road

eleonor susanna and karen



Девушки в розах и нимфы


candy in roses

annie in roses

patty in roses

elisa in roses

susanna in roses

flanny in roses



all girls






chibi annie

chibi candy

chibi patty

chibi archie

chibi terry

chibi stear

chibi elisa

chibi terry romeo

chibi susie

chibi anthony

chibi albert

chibi neal





patty with tiny thing

greek style annie

5 girls round

karen & susanna with terry

lady candy in garden

lady candy anime

6 girls in nightgowns

8 girls in red shirts

candy annie patty with  short hairs

annie in aquacolor dress

annie and susanna

candy annie patty

6 men lying

pauna clara eleonora in rose bgrd

flanny in the night sky

5 men and 1 candy

candy&flanny under the tree

smiling candy

candy near chimney

sitting candy in green coat

karen as young miss

eleonor & susie

flanny girl in library

candy's hugs with terry




candy and terry as romeo and juliet

annie throws to archie

terry ans candy's kiss

annie the schoolgirl

archie looks back at annie

annie the girl

mother with son near the chimney

beauty eleonor

terry's sad memories

terry's hard decision

candy's 2 loves

candy in Xmaskitchen

candy in green

candy in red

candy's memory about anthony

candy in petals

candy in green evening dresses

patty with tiny box

sweet lady annie

sweet candy's smile

lady candy

candy  & pauna

annie country